Let’s Just Make Up Words

I was watching an old episode of “Kitchen Nightmares,” and the hostess from a featured restaurant said “He likes to presentate [the food] in a unique way.”


I was suddenly reminded of my aunt’s consistent use of “conversate” (for the verb converse), or my grandma’s “unthaw,” meaning to thaw. I hope this is not unique to my family. I hope there are others.

Please tell me you’re out there…

2 thoughts on “Let’s Just Make Up Words

  1. Sadly, I come from a family that uses “irregardless.” It’s sad to see that my browser didn’t even underline that as a misspelled word. I looked it up, and it’s been added to some dictionaries as a “nonstandard” word. So enough people use it that it’s in the dictionary, but not recognized as proper.

    • By Merriam-Webster’s definition of what constitutes a word, “irregardless” is a word. It’s just that it was conceived by the uninformed and raised on a Midwestern diet. I’m not really sure what a Midwestern diet is…probably a lot of corn and spit involved, to take from my experience. :3

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