10 thoughts on “Quiz Time!

  1. Though grammar isn’t my strong suit, I think the word “it’s” is never possessive. “It’s” can mean “it is” or be the plural form of “it”. “Its” on the other hand is considered as the possessive form.

    • I’ve never had to pluralize “it,” before. I think if I had to, I’d set it aside with quotations and put the s outside of them: “it”s. Thanks for commenting!

    • You’re right! Thanks for mentioning “who’s” and “whose.” Those are as infamously misused as the rule above; maybe this will serve as a quiz sometime! ;]

  2. I thought of a couple of examples:
    1.It’s a weird world.
    ‘It’s’ is not a possessive in this sentence.
    2.The bird built it’s nest
    Here ‘it’s’ is used as a possessive pronoun.
    If both these sentences are correct,then the answer is sometimes.

    • Actually, in the second example, using the apostrophe (it’s) is incorrect; the possessive form for “it” is “its”—no apostrophe.
      In your first example, though, you’re absolutely right! Well done, and thanks for commenting!

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