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Compound Modifiers

She has neon-pink pillows.

The pillows are neon pink.

Compound modifiers are tricky–to hyphenate, not to hyphenate? I had this issue with the first novel I ever edited, because it seemed there were compound modifiers everywhere. After two chapters of confusion, I finally confessed to myself that I wasn’t certain what the rule was, so I went to Grammar Girl’s website.

She explained that a compound modifier appearing before the thing it’s modifying (neon-pink pillows) should* be hyphenated. If it comes after (are neon pink), it should not be hyphenated.

I re-edited chapters one and two and soldiered on.

*Grammar Girl refuses to use “must hyphenate” or “should hyphenate” in this case. Here’s why:

“Now, the detail-oriented people among you will notice that I didn’t say anyone was right or wrong, and I didn’t use strong words such as should hyphenate or must hyphenate. I chose my words carefully because the rules about hyphens can hardly be called rules; there are so many exceptions it’s making me crazy.”


Author of Interest: Jonas David

Ohi! This is how we greet one another.

Jonas David has been published in 365Tomorrows, Comets and Criminals, Ray Gun Revival… Are you seeing a pattern here?—a science-fiction-y pattern?

Jonas David knows what’s been done to death, and his writing reflects that knowledge; he doesn’t waste your time with stories you’ve heard before. He takes you to a new time and place…sometimes a new dimension. Wherever and whenever you go to, you’ll slip right into the mind of his protagonist and live every experience as someone else. He’s taking the world—and other worlds—by storm.

Jonas David gave me the privilege of editing “Deathday,” which was published in Daily Science Fiction on 12 June 2012. This story will chill you to the core.

Trust me, you’ll want these links: Jonas David on WordPressFacebook, and Twitter.