7 Years

I’ve been working on my novel since 27 October 2007. I once had 40k words, but now i have 650. Notice the lack of “k.” In just a few weeks, I’ll have worked on it for five years. I’ve decided that, since I seem to be taking my time with this, I ought to have a deadline. That deadline, friends, is 27 October 2014. If I can’t write a novel in seven years, how will I ever do anything? This is why I’m putting up the Goal Widget.

I don’t really have a super specific word count in mind, but I’m thinking 70k words is an elegant and full novel. I have a thing for sevens–at least with this story. It’s about the Seven Deadly Sins, but there are no Morgan Freemans or Brad Pitts. I apologize to everyone.

Started in 2007, on 27 October, it’ll take 7 years to get to 70k words. I feel like George Costanza.

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