Monday: Em- and En-Dash

Grammar Tidbit

Em-Dashes and En-Dashes get their names from the length of dash they represent.

An Em-Dash (—) is the same length as the lower-case m. Just to be sure, let’s compare them:

| — |

| m |

An Em-Dash is used for emphasis, an interruption, or an abrupt change of thought.

He was the killer—Annabelle’s killer—and we never knew.

Put it here—on a coaster.

“Will you take out—” “I already did.”

I wonder if Lizzie—what’s for lunch?

An En-Dash is the same length as the lower-case n. Here’s the comparison:


| n |

An En-Dash is used as a substitute for the word “to” in time to time instances. It is also used in place of a hyphen with open compounds.

The Spring Set runs AprilJune.

The hermit lives on the AdamsJefferson County border.

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And here’s the proper way to write this: EVERY TIME I see somebody spell a word wrong, I look down at the keyboard TO see how close the letter is to the letter THAT’S SUPPOSED to be there [NO COMMA] to see if IT’S socially acceptable to misspell said word.

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