Win a Copy of Soul Cutter by Lexa Cain!

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I’d like to direct some attention to the blog of Lexa Cain, author of Soul Cutter! She’s hosting a challenge to find the errors (rings a bell, huh?) on the freshly unveiled cover of her novel. You could even win a copy of Soul Cutter!

Ms. Cain’s novel was the first that Cicero Grade Editing has ever edited, and let me say, it was so fun to read, I kept having to pull myself out of the story! I’d get caught up in the action, the mystery, and especially the development of the characters. Now, it’s gone through the majority of the publishing process, and Ms. Cain even details some of that process on her blog, which I think is pretty cool.

Soul Cutter comes out on 6 December 2013. Way to go, Lexa!

If you’re into Young Adult fiction, the paranormal, a good mystery, ancient Egyptian history and mythology, or horror (and even if you aren’t), check out this challenge to win a free copy of Lexa Cain’s Soul Cutter!


*This challenge is no longer running. Winners posted here.*