The title of the article is “‘Super-Earth’ Alien Planet May Be Habitable for Life.” Uh…so that “for life” part is completely necessary, right?

Find the Typo!

Find the Typo!

You would have earned thousands more dollars if not for a single typo. Should have hired an editor! Or, worse yet, maybe you did. D: That’s the most terrifying Halloween story, ever.

7 Years

I’ve been working on my novel since 27 October 2007. I once had 40k words, but now i have 650. Notice the lack of “k.” In just a few weeks, I’ll have worked on it for five years. I’ve decided that, since I seem to be taking my time with this, I ought to have a deadline. That deadline, friends, is 27 October 2014. If I can’t write a novel in seven years, how will I ever do anything? This is why I’m putting up the Goal Widget.

I don’t really have a super specific word count in mind, but I’m thinking 70k words is an elegant and full novel. I have a thing for sevens–at least with this story. It’s about the Seven Deadly Sins, but there are no Morgan Freemans or Brad Pitts. I apologize to everyone.

Started in 2007, on 27 October, it’ll take 7 years to get to 70k words. I feel like George Costanza.

I’m Back!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

I missed you guys.

It’s a temporary fix, but a fix just the same. Check back tomorrow at noon for a new grammar entry!


You wish I was that talented. The cake picture came from here.

Sorry for the i…

Sorry for the inactiveness, all–my computer’s having issues…blue screen issues. I’m waiting on my paycheck so I can have it resolved. Meanwhile, please enjoy Chain Rxn.