Tuesday: Preposition Rules to Break

Rules to Break

“This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.”

 Winston Churchill

You’ve heard of this rule, right? Don’t end a sentence with a preposition! Well depending on your style, you might want to think of it as only a guideline. Naysayers can quote this book or that, but don’t hold fast to something that might make a particularly fine sentence look confused. Sometimes, for the good of the work, there’s just no way around ending a sentence with a preposition.

There’s a particularly in-depth article by Geoffrey K. Pullum about the quotation above concerning the rule of prepositions paired with an object and those without. Also, there are claims that the “bloody nonsense” comment was misappropriated, but what evidence is there to back that up with?

Prepositions are great. Professors or Grammarphiles might hiss at you, but just smile and say, “What are you lookin’ at?”

Disclaimer: Don’t ever pair “at” with “where,” because it’s redundant. “Where are you?” says it all. “Where are you at?” says more than you would like to think.


And here’s the proper way to write this: EVERY TIME I see somebody spell a word wrong, I look down at the keyboard TO see how close the letter is to the letter THAT’S SUPPOSED to be there [NO COMMA] to see if IT’S socially acceptable to misspell said word.

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The title of the article is “‘Super-Earth’ Alien Planet May Be Habitable for Life.” Uh…so that “for life” part is completely necessary, right?

Find the Typo!

Find the Typo!

You would have earned thousands more dollars if not for a single typo. Should have hired an editor! Or, worse yet, maybe you did. D: That’s the most terrifying Halloween story, ever.