Monday: Find the Typo

Find the Typo

Welcome to this special French-inspired installment of Find the Typo!

Phone 2014 January 480

The phrase is correct as “en route.” Any editor would know the spelling; if not, they’d at least be professional enough to look it up. That’s what we’re here for!

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Monday: Find the Typo

Find the Typo

This sign has bothered me for a decade. I swear, one day I’m going to paint those damn apostrophes white.


Just because it’s a word you don’t see often doesn’t mean you should give it an apostrophe to pluralize it. Who approved this?

“Villa’s of R—ia from the 100’s”

Sorry about the photo quality; I am no Keaton.

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This Is Why You Need Me.

Is there anything better than a rejection letter with a typo?

“We chose someone we think better suites the position.”

Let’s play “Find the Typo!”

(This letter was for my friend; she had me read it to her because her hands were full. I read it quietly to myself at first, then when I read it aloud to her, I noticed the typo. She had interviewed for a clerical position. Many lulz were had.)