Helpful Links

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary This is the authority on words. I’m serious.

DuoTrope Need a market for your short fiction? Find it here!

What Genre is My Novel? Wondering if you should say “paranormal fiction” or “urban fantasy?” This wizard can help!

I Write Like This is to keep you going on all those bad days. Don’t let it go to your head–there’s only one H. P. Lovecraft!

Scrivener If MS Word isn’t making you happy, you can always try Scrivener for 30 days!

Using English This ESL site has everything you need to know about grammar in an easy-to-navigate list.

Purdue OWL Here is where I get most of my grammar notes.

The Mary-Sue Checklist This is my personal work that should help you determine whether you have an infestation of bad characterization.

The Adventures of Thrag Ogretooth If you feel like reading a dumb story by dumb people, go here. I’m not responsible for Jonas’ typos. Oh, and mine don’t count there, either.

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