Post Schedule


Each day of the week focuses on one category out of three and publishes at 10 am, EST.

Monday: Grammar

  • Tidbits
  • Find the Typo
  • Quizzes

Tuesday: Writing

  • Tips
  • Writing Rules
  • The Grade

Wednesday: Editing

  • Tricks
  • Before Editing and After
  • Call to Edit

Thursday: Publishing

  • Thoughts
  • News/Quiz Results
  • The Hook

Friday: Industry

  • Promotion
  • Showcase
  • Interview

I’ll break down my categories:

Grammar Tidbits: These are simple grammar lessons that are easily shared to reach fellow Grammarphiles. Let’s build our community!

Find the Typo: These provide readers a chance to sharpen their grammar skills.

Quizzes: These Interactive posts tackle aspects of grammar that are often used incorrectly.

Writing Rules: These posts constitute all the writing advice shown on Cicero Grade at WordPress that echoes Rule One (art provided by Keaton Harrison Cooper).

The Grade: These are published lines that Cicero Grade followers rewrite for a chance to win an edit.
Editing Tricks: These are short editing ideas that will speed up the revision process.
Before Editing and After: This is the evidence of what editing can do for you!

Call to Edit: These Interactives encourage writers to weed out weak, inconsistent, or bad writing.

Promotions: These posts contain specials, discounts, or other Cicero Grade news.

Showcase: These posts highlight the talents of others, whether they be a special micro-press, a fellow Grammarphile, or an up-and-coming author.

Interviews: Every month, Cicero Grade posts an interview with an esteemed representative of the literary market. Authors, Editors, Agents, and Publishers will be featured.

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