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Do you have a grammar question you would like to see answered in a Tidbit? Do you snap pictures of public typos all over your town? Do you need help with a paragraph of your fiction project, but you can’t afford an editor? Do you have something you think Cicero Grade should share, like an article, a blog, a book, or a website? Are you sick of all these questions, and do you want to know where to submit these things?

Well, you found it: the place where I keep my email address. Submit any of the following to

  • Grammar questions
  • Find the Typo photographs
  • Before Editing and After paragraphs (Your paragraph will be seen by the public; please stick to a PG-13ish rating.)
  • Publishing Scams
  • Potential CG@WP interviewees (Agents, Editors, Slush Readers, Book Reviewers, Writers)
  • Questions, Comments, or Concerns

Please remember to include your name and a link to your web-space, and enter the subject as the series you’re submitting to.


Subject: Find the Typo

Hi, my name is Thrag Ogretooth, and I tell my story here. I think I found a typo in Shalrana, but I’m not sure, so I took a picture. Allow me to upload it so you can tell me I’m right.

Thrag's Typo

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