I’m Looking for Your Novel

You read that right.

I’m a college student building a freelance copy-editing business, so when I had the opportunity to edit a friend’s completed novel, I jumped on it. The author of that YA Paranormal Thriller (of approximately 80,000 words) plans to start querying by September.

Do you have a finished novel that needs a copy-editor or beta-reader? Maybe we can talk!

Email me the first few pages, and we’ll go from there. All questions will be answered promptly.




Bring your writing to the Cicero Grade!

Hello writers!

Thanks for coming!

This is the official blog of my copy-editing service, Cicero Grade. Here, I’ll stash all my writing tips, grammar tidbits, and editing tricks for everyone’s use. I’ll have several pages of lists, including my Mary-Sue Checklist and my collection of words I refuse to read with a straight face. I’m a mega-nerd for words, so readers can expect a few entries of “Word of the Whenever.”

I’m just starting my journey as a freelance copy editor, but I have a few credits on my in-progress resume`. I’ll update my readers with news of published clients, showcases, promotions, and any information that might help aspiring authors.

Consider each entry here a free sample of the service I provide once hired. Here’s to a happy reader-and-writership!